First trip to Kanazawa, Kaga and Noto region Ishikawa Japan in flexibly & best way!

【Samurai route】The best way and season to Shirakawago from Kanazawa !

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 You could take the best road in the best season if you rent a car from or to Kanazawa city with a part of ” Samurai route”.  In this article, you will see what is the Samurai route and when is the best season to go to Shirakawago from Kanazawa on the route.

What is “Samurai route” ?

Actually, there is no specific definitions and meaning of Samurai route … although the route is getting famous and opposite from ” Golden route” of Japan because lot of tourists wants to explore something new and not clouded place such as Tokyo or Kyoto.

Samurai route seems created by a travel agency in Europe country. Thus the route is more familiar with European rather than American.

Anyway, there are couple of types of Samurai route though, most of the routes include Kanazawa city, Shirakawago and Hida-Takayama as those places are less congestion and you can see an ancient scenic of Japan, that why they called ” Samurai route”  

So if you would like to feel more peaceful, traditional atmosphere and culture of Japan, why not taking Samurai route ? Or you can make a original Samurai route ^^


Next topics, I would like to introduce the perfect road to go to Shirakawago from Kanazawa.

The best way to get to Shirakawa go from Kanazawa

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Rent a car in Kanazawa 

Photo by Satty

Emillie and Nicholas are French couple who stayed with my home as a CSer. 

Not many tourist rent a car in Japan but I knew that some people do like them.

I realised important information and issues when foreign travelers rent a car in Japan first time, 【Here is the article】 if you would like to check. 

The best season to go to Shirakawago by car 


As you might kow, 

Shirakawa go in the Winter is so pretty. 


But in this article, I would like to introduce you a beautiful road which is open ONLY between

the beginning of  JUNE and NOVEMBER 

*opening period is slightly different each year as it is depending on the weather.

White road in Summer photo by Emillie

The road is called 

“Hakusan Shirakawa-go White Road” 

We call it just ” White road ” 

As the road is across over the White mountain which is run between Ishikawa and Gifu prefecture.

You need to pay for the road, but it definitely worth going if it is a good weather. 


Let’s take a look some photos of the white road in different seasons..

img via

img via

img via

img via

img via

img via

img via


What’s MORE on the White road !?

Here is a great news !

There is a FREE Onsen/Hot springs in the white road.

It is called ” Oyadani-no Yu( 親谷の湯)” 

It had been closing for 5 years but has recently opened again in July 2017 as this is the 1300 year anniversary of opening the road to Mt. Hakusan. 

img via

You could wear swim suit when you take a bath. Naked also would be fine but there is no changing room, only a toilet near by.


Opening hours and Fee of White road



It costs from 1400 yen per car for one way

*It depends on the size of the car. Standard car costs 1600yen

**Round trip costs from 2,200 Yen


Opening hours

【Period of Year】 Early June through November 10

  • June to August: 7a.m to 6p.m (gates close at 7 p.m )
  • September to November: 8 a.m to 5 p.m (gates close at 6 p.m)



There are two gates at Chugu toll in Ishikawa Pre side and Magari toll in Gifu Pre Side.

Here is  Chugu toll’s Map


All roads along the 33.3km route from Ozou, Hakusan, Ishikawa Prefecture to Hatogaya, Shirakawa, Ono-gun, Gifu Prefecture are two lane paved roads.

(The paid route spans from the Ishikawa Chugu Toll booth to the Gifu Magari Tool booth. The route takes about one hour to travel through.)


*Camping (including making fires) along the forest route (paid route) is forbidden. Poaching and plucking of animals and plants are forbidden.

**Over Night-parking is forbidden;


***Two-wheeled vehicles are forbidden



I love the White road so much especially in bright Summer and Autumn.

My friend Emillie and Nicholas also enjoyed the driving on the road.  

Hope you enjoy the beautiful nature of Mt. Hakusan in Ishikawa and Gifu Pre as a part of your Samurai route ^^

Thanks for reading !

<information via Official website of Hakusan SHirakawa-go White road

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -

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