First trip to Kanazawa, Kaga and Noto region Ishikawa Japan in flexibly & best way!

Transport from Kanazawa to Hakuba-What is the cheapest and fastest way ?

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What is the cheapest and fastest way to get to Hakuba from Kanazawa ? In this  article, you will see the best option and which type of tickets you should buy 🙂 

by Bus ? or Train ? or Car ?

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Unfortunately, There is no direct bus operates from Kanazawa to Hakuba so far.

Here are options, you get Hakuba by Train and Bus.

The fastest way 

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Taking Shinkansen ( bullet train) then shift a bus take about 2.5  hours in total.

This is the easiest and fastest way you get Hakuba from Kanazawa.

shinkansen- ”Kagayaki ”

Kanazawa station

⇓ Shinkansen [#11 to Tokyo / 1.5 hours/ 8.960 Yen]

Nagano statation

      /Nagano station East gate 

↓   Alpico Express Bus  [ To Hakuba/ 1.1 hours/ 1,800 Yen]



By Car  

Getting Hakuba by car through highway takes about 3 hours. It is the second fastest way to get there from Kanazawa. 

[total distance ] 177.7km

[ toll road ]  3,450 Yen *[car type : medium ]

*with ETC would be  cheaper 2,420 Yen 


The cheapest way

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If you  don’t have any tickets [ Seishun 18 / JR Pass ], the  cheapest way is 

Total cost is just  3,670 Yen by local trains but it takes 5 hours and you have to switch lines 4 times. It is better to check the time schedule in advance otherwise you might need accommodation if you miss a train in the  evening.

Kanazawa station [ #6 to Toyama / 360 Yen] 

⇓   17 minutes  

Kurikara   [ 37 minute ]

⇓   37 minutes 

Toyama station  [ #6 to Tomari/ 49 minutes ]

 Tomari [ To Naoetsu/9 minutes/ 2,060 Yen]

Ichiburi  [19 minutes / 410 Yen]

 Itoigawa  [ 1.2 hours]

 Minami Otari  [18 minutes / 840 Yen]



Seishun-18-tickets vs JR pass

Some people recommend you Seishun 18-tickets whereas the others says JR Pass ..

Which way would be reasonable to get to Hakuba ??

The answer is 

It is  depend on you! but I suggest JR Pass for going Hakuba from Kanazawa. 

Let’s see the differences of condition and prices

 but remember! There are a big differences between Seishun 18 ticket and JR Pass. 

 As Sheishun 18 tickets can’t ride Shinkansen 

<  Price and conditions of Seishun 18 ticket & JR Pass >

 ticket Seishun-18 ticket      JR PASS
price (Yen)* 11,850  29,110   49,390  59,350 
available **  5 times  7days  14 days 21 days
condition *** local/ express rain  ALL JR national trains and bus in Japan, including Shinkansen bullet trains and Narita Express

・Children discount is available ( Age 6-11 ) for First /Green Seat  for JR PASS.

・The Seishun 18-tickets tickets could share to use with other people.

  •  Seishun 18 tickets are on sale only limited period 
    (Spring)Tickets on sale :2017.Feb 20 ~ March.31[Validity from March 1st to April 10 ]
    (Summer ) on sale:201.July. 1(土)~Aug.31 [Validity from July 20 to Sep 10 ]
    (Spring) on Sale :2017. Dec 1~Dec.31st [Validity from2017. Dec.10 to 2018. Jan.10]  
  • Remember you CAN’T ride Shinkansen by Seishun 18 ticket.
  • See more conditions on official pages Seishun 18 Ticket , JR Pass 

For  this itinerary, You shouldn’t use the Seishun 18 Ticket. Using JR Pass is way worth although you have to purchase bus ticket from Nagano Station.


In my opinion, JR Pass is the best ticket for tourists ( but it is a sad for Japanese as it is only on sale for foreigner ) anyway.

For instance if you ride Shinkansen just from Tokyo to Kanazawa, it costs 14,120 Yen( 2.5 hours) for one way. So if you have over 3 destinations in Japan like Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima … etc JR Pass is definitely worth as you save time and money.

Thank you for reading <3 

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -

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